How Do You BURP in Space? - Book

How Do You BURP in Space? - Book

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Want to blast into orbit? Walk on the moon? Snag a glimpse of the Big Blue Marble (aka planet Earth) from afar? Well your time is coming! And when it does, you're going to need How Do You Burp in Space?

Discover all of the information you'll need to plan a stellar vacation:
-what to pack (hint: no bubble bath or juggling balls!)
-what to expect from your accommodations (a sleeping bag attached to the wall)
-and what to do for fun (leapfrog on the moon!).

Grounded in the facts of space travel and the imminent future of space tourism, this guide book will answer any curious kid's questions about life in space, and inspire young adventurers to reach for the stars.

Buckle up for a trip that's out-of-this-world!