Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot - Book

Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot - Book

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Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot tells the story of a focused, determined, and patriotic youngster who believed in the American dream, and grew up to live it. At the age of 19, Stu Roosa was parachuting into the woods of the Pacific Northwest to fight forest fires.

- He joined the Air Force.

- He became a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base.

- He was selected to be an astronaut by NASA.

- He went to the Moon.

- He became a successful businessman and big game hunter.


This is the family-authorized biography of Apollo 14 Command Module Pilot Stuart A. Roosa (1933-1994). It's the quintessential, All-American chronicle of the life of an Oklahoma farm boy whose initiative, drive and personal integrity earned him a place among the 24 individuals who made the most dramatic voyage in human history, and it's a story that needs to be told, now more than ever.